Saturday, 6 April 2013

Teddy & Floral Ornament

Recently the sister said she wanted a jewelry box for her birthday present from me. I agreed. Then, she started searching all over the internet for her perfect and convenient jewelry box. She came across Taobao and show me a picture an earring stand she wanted with the labelled "It is super cheap". Yes, it is. Then, I blow her off by saying it was hard to ship Taobao things to Malaysia since it is for China ppl. It was long ago I found Taobao and so in love with their super cheap dress but have no idea how to ship in Malaysia. So, here come the hero boyfriend who said his sister actually can help with the shipping.

Which makes me go all crazy searching for. . . .


Out of my own expectation as well that I am finally no longer fond on hunting unique dress/shirt/skirt but ornament for my room. Hehe. Well, this is some sort of my plan. Considering I'm going back to stay for a long long time in my hometown room, the room sweet room, after my graduation. So, I have plan to repaint the room and bring in some new decorations.

And here are all the love I found in Taobao!

#1 Wedding Teddy Couple 

Nope, I'm not getting married. But this is catches my heart. I didn't even know why. I never love teddy things but this teddy ornament is just too adorable. I was like browsing and this catches my eyes and I just can't help but looking at it :) That little teddy girl just look so cute with her butt slightly tilted and that little crown on her. Love! ♥  Plus, both the girl and boy look so innocent!

One closer look! Cuteeeeeeee! It's written that it is a fridge magnet but it looks pretty three dimensional to me. And it seems like they can stand well to be an ornament on self.

Then, I saw the back.

Nvm still, I can put it somewhere in my room like this.

Maybe at my room door?

#2 Garden Princess Jewelry Box

Princess feel delivered! It would be such a princess-to-be to have this piece on my dressing table. I always adore those ornament in white with gold carving details. Add some floral design. Looks simply sweet. Reminds me much of fairy tales. Someday my prince will come~~~

#3 Heart shaped jewelry box

Need not to say much. This is simply classic. Perfect for me to put my rings.

#4 Floral photo frame

My room much more enhanced with classic European vintage atmosphere with this.

Now that I rmber, I didn't have a photo frame at my room. And I came to realize that photo frame is actually very important! Not just an empty frame but the main point is you must put your picture in it. Though you can see yourselves everyday in the mirror but it's always different when you look if from the picture. It seems like you are seeing yourselves growing. Well, that is what I felt when I saw my younger sis pic in her room. It makes me think that "ohhh, once upon a time, she look like that. Now, she has grown up." And most importantly, putting a photo frame with your picture in it declare that "THIS IS MY ROOM". It speaks all. I would love to have this in my room! :) Very matchy with #1 #2 and #3

I'm actually thinking wanting #4 or #5

#5 Diamond white photo frame

This is much more simple but i love the detailing.

And what I'm amaze the most in all Taobao items is this!

#6 Retro pastoral switch set

Even for switch, they make it so pretty! To be honest, this seems to be even more prettier than the photo frame. I thought I'm the only who though switch needed to be decorated so I used to stick some cute sticker at the switch. But what I didn't know is that this actually exist. And all the designs are very pretty

Basically, just need to stick this on the wall.

But sad to realize, I can't have this! :'( Because I suddenly rmber that my dad install the switch pretty close to the door so it wont have so much space for this :( For other switches, it is either a whole row of 5 switch box together (this obviously for only two switch box) or it's hidden. I don't need decorate something behind my bed don't I? So, bye bye cute stuff.

#7 Rose Jewelry Box

One of my most love item.

I love floral cup for high tea but this is definitely not for that purpose. Compare to the heart shape jewelry box, this is a more creative creation which makes me love this more than #3. Imagine this cute cup in your room? Awwwwww, loveeeeee 

What's even cute is that inside the cup, ta-daaaaa!, one cute rose blossom inside. Something more than just plain white.

It actually proposed in the website that this was for proposal purpose. They suggested that the guy should hold this cup like a flower. Then, open to it is a diamond ring. Hahahhahaha. I can guess the seller is a girl!

Little reason to smile #10: Pretty floral ornament in white.

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